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getting ready…

IMG_0605 IMG_0604getting ready...

As I live in the south of Germany, this time of the year many traditional markets are going on. It’s all about traditional clothing, food and meeting people. of course having some beer is part of the game as well;) Personally I think there’s hardly a pieces of clothing that can challenge a Dirndl when it comes to fit, style and sexyness- But hey, I’m Bavarian. What else would I say?:)
And like a typical Bavarian, I went to the Barthelmarkt yesterday, had a “Weißwurstfrühstück” this morning and watched the FC-Bayern soccer game. “Mia san mia” is a beautiful thing, at least once a year.

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Ash Wednesday is a nice day to become aware of some fasting traditions. As you might have noticed I love traditions in any kind of way, so for me the time until Easter will be all about eating more conscious and looking out for my body. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not a diet-person. Never 😀 I’m a foodie and always will be.
Do any of you have resolutions?
I only ate once today, but therefore something really delicious. Some trouts I got fresh from some farm not too far away from here. Just too good to be true!:D

As with tomorrow Valentine’s day is getting closer the first cards flutterd into my mailbox. Here’s the cutest one from my friend Emma. She lives in the USA and I haven’t seen her for quite a while now…but we keep on sending cards (yeah how oldschool) for any important occasions. Nice tradition as well!
Have a good evening!