Needs for the Heat

It’s unbelievable hot. The best would be to spend the heatwave near the sea. So let’s dream about Thailand’s beaches, about brown skin and salt in our hair. Well, at least perfectly brown skin and salty hair is something you can get during the German summer as well.

summer heat thailand sea summer heat bronzing oil

For a perfect brown skin I can recommend Garnier’s Bronzing Oil. It doesn’t only give you a golden glow but also nourishes your skin with different oils so it stays soft and shimmering!

summer heat bronzing oil

summer hair pflege treatment

To get your hair through those days of high UV radiation you can use some special sprays to shield your hair. If you’re going for the beach blond look there are some products I really love. It’s the “texturizing sea spray” of Paul Mitchell’s awahpuhi series and the long hair treatments “straight works” and “super skinny serum”. They keep your hair long, strong and looking good all summer long!

summer heat thailand

sand hand heat

3 Stunden

I saw an amazingly cute film on monday. It’s about two people being friends for a long time until they realize their love for each other just the moment when she’s about to leave the country for good. It’s a beautiful story about theater, poetry, friedship and what you can archive in three hours if you really want to.
Unfortunately it’s a german production and won’t be translated in English.
Here’s the trailer:

Glad alla hjärtans dag alla!! ♥♥♥

IMG_2531  IMG_2542

I know this day is cheesy. But I love it 😉 Hope you could spend this day with some beloved ones!

Personally I went to the theater and watched an amazingly good pierce called “When the Rain stops Falling” by Andrew Bovell. Quite complex and sometimes difficult to follow but one of the most impressing pieces I have seen during the last months!:) Afterwards we had dinner so as you see I had the most boring schedule for this day.