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Sunday Love

Finally a sunday brunch with my girls! After some weeks of not seeing each other, ought to exams and work we had a million things and details to talk about. It’s always good to talk for hours about life, plans, travel, boys and the future. Long after sundown we sat at the river wondering about the past and future maybes. Things like good conversations will blissfully never be out of style.
Saturday night I spend in Bamberg where we celebrated the end of this semester and had a magical night at “Bamberg zaubert” (something like “Bamberg is conjuring magic” in English). All in all a fantastic week-end 😉

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Leben in der Liebe

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Seems like the “Alte Liebe” is my new home for the times when I’m not sitting on the rooftop and gazing stars. Besides the fact, that the new Chef is an amazing cook, he’s also heartbroken and is now putting all of his love into this amazing pub. Is there anything more romantic than a cook who believes, that a broken heart can be healed with a lot of vanilla ice-cream and strawberries?:)

Those summer nights when you can sit outside and keep on talking until the birds are starting to sing again are simply the best. Especially when you spend your nights with some old friends who already know every joke you’re trying to make…;)

I also repaired my bike today…finally. Summer here I come!:)