Needs for the Heat

It’s unbelievable hot. The best would be to spend the heatwave near the sea. So let’s dream about Thailand’s beaches, about brown skin and salt in our hair. Well, at least perfectly brown skin and salty hair is something you can get during the German summer as well.

summer heat thailand sea summer heat bronzing oil

For a perfect brown skin I can recommend Garnier’s Bronzing Oil. It doesn’t only give you a golden glow but also nourishes your skin with different oils so it stays soft and shimmering!

summer heat bronzing oil

summer hair pflege treatment

To get your hair through those days of high UV radiation you can use some special sprays to shield your hair. If you’re going for the beach blond look there are some products I really love. It’s the “texturizing sea spray” of Paul Mitchell’s awahpuhi series and the long hair treatments “straight works” and “super skinny serum”. They keep your hair long, strong and looking good all summer long!

summer heat thailand

sand hand heat

Hej Berlin, Hej Swedish Sommar

Time to pack my bags for Berlin. I’ll be seeing The Gaslight Anthem live, be part of the biggest Midsommar celebration outside of Sweden and will hopefully have a good time at several flea- and food markets.

Midsummer, also known as the Summer Solstice is the longest day and longest night and marks the beginning of summer in Scandinavia.

There are many rituals connected to this day, such as dancing around the maypole, which is covered in flowers, biding crowns of local flowers and feasting and drinking and dancing the whole night. It’s a special day as everyone is happy and just celebrating that the long winter is finally over. If I’d be in Scandinavia right now I’d probably celebrate Midsommar in some Summer Stuga (a small holiday house) with good friends and a big buffet of Swedish food. I’ll be finally in Sweden in August. Until then Germany hast to suffice!

So let’s see what Berlin has to offer!

flowers sweden ritual midsommar

I already heard that one can bind their flower crowns right at the festival. So maybe they will tell people there as well this old ritual, that girls pick up seven different kind of flowers and put them under their pillow at night so they will dream of their future love…Midsommar is such a romantic and spiritual day. Let’s see if it is as cheerful in Berlin as it is in Sweden.

midsommar food fish rödlok forellrom recept delicious

Matjessillcheesecake med rödlök, dill och forellrom from

Midsommar Flowercrown Celebration Sweden

Flower Crown for the Midsommar Evening. Here is a tutorial to a beautiful simple one.

sweden summer house red

Sweden is just so beautiful during the summer

sweden midsommar celebration love

Midsommar is also the celebration of love. Today it’s all about to finally meet your crush and tell them about your feelings. Or just to take someone home with you.

Swedish lemon salmon graved laxswedish midsommar stuga sommar celebration

I was scared of pretty Girls and starting Conversations

Have you ever been with your head so much into your work you forgot you had food on the stove? Well that’s just me at the moment. Been there, done that. Just now.

So while waiting for my analog festival pictures to be ready I’ll keep you busy with some other stuff.

Today that will be the best power drink ever. For you to try. So you will be able to handle cooking and working at once 😉

Lemon Summer Power Drink Lemon Summer Power Drink

Oh and yes it is as simple as it looks like:

– One organic lemon

– some home-grown mint

– some fresh, organic ginger

– some nice open can to put everything into (mine is from IKEA)

– tadaa!

Lemons give you a boost of Vitamin C while the Mint is cooling your body temperature. The fresh Ginger on top reduces your craving for something sweet (as it always overcomes me when I’m stressed). And overall a can full of fresh ingredients smelling of lemon suddenly evokes this relaxing summer feeling you just need after a day full of work.

Or after this #GameOfThronesFinal ! That’s something we all need something cooling as well. For all our hopes and dreams melted like..well…Snow.

One more reason to make yourself a Power Drink – whatever helps a series junkie through the ups and downs of his fictional worlds!

Kreuzberg in Augsburg

There’s something magical about those football nights. And I don’t mean the noise and the excitement around all those public viewing spaces and places. In those nights you can have some amazing places just for your own. Nearly no one is wandering the streets. I think except for sometimes around five-o’clock in the morning I’ve never seen the Maxtraße this empty. Also no car is crossing your view when you’re capturing the sundown at the lovely bridge in the Bismarkviertel. Almost looks a little bit like Paris. Almost.

I’ve heard the only the cheering from afar last night. My magical spot to spend this warm and swinging summer night was the ecological and vegan restaurant “Lokalhelden” in the heart of the Bismarkviertel. Finally I found matcha-latte in Augsburg and they might have the best hummus you’ve ever eaten in your whole life. It’s flavoured with beetroot which gives it a deep-red colour and a fresh and fruity taste.Served with naan-bread it’s just the perfect dinner after a long summer-day.


A vegan restaurant at the side of a street. good matcha and food – actually I’m used to that kind of spirit only in Berlin. It slightly felt like a warm evening in Kreuzberg…:)

How I love to spend my summer: part 1

I know everyone always wants to spend their summer at the beach, partying, enjoying sunshine. I know, I did that too this year (except for so much partying). But to me there’s a better way to spend my summer vacation. Since 4 years I go on holiday with children who sometimes have a difficult background, family situation or who just want to spend their school holiday with other children apart from their parents. So much for the introduction. Bild

For one week we live in a beautiful house in Bavaria. Surrounded by nothing but fields, a creek, flower fields and some stray cats.



One of the best things besides hiking or playing games, doing experiments or painting and doing quizzes during the days is preparing food together and enjoying long evenings by the camp fire.


No 5-Star menu tastes better, than grilled sausages after a day of taking care of thirty children!;)

This year I will take the kids to Sweden again. Living in a tent for two weeks straight, adapting to an unfamiliar group and being away from their parents for so long is a totally new experience for the most of them. I’m already looking forward to it!