Italia, Food – a perfect weekend

I was lucky to spend the last weekend at Lago di Garda, in Italy. The weather was perfectly sunny most of the time and I discovered a perfect Sea Food restaurant in the beautiful city of Salo. Since then I’m craving for Sea Food although I’m actually a Vegetarian even mostly vegan. But vacations are for exceptions. I’m already planning in my head to move to Italy, who else is coming with me? Only lying at the beach, visiting beautiful villages and eating every Italian dish that comes around.

Lago di Garda - Gardasee - Salo

Exactly in this moment Netflix does it again. Well, Netflix does it over and over again. Producing high quality series that keep me watching for hours and not having bought a TV for years.

They produced this show called “Chef’s Table” and it’s a symphony of food pictures, Italian landscape and lifestyle and cheese, cheese cheese. It’s an advanced talk about food. As well as on the level of language as on the level of the images:

”In my heart is Balsamico and vinegar and my muscles are made of parmigiano.”

Have a look for yourself:

Lago di Garda - Gardasee

The “Sunday-Castle” of this week was the amazing stronghold of Sirmione, Castello Scaligero.

Lago di Garda - Gardasee

I think Lazise is the coziest city around the lake! So many childhood memories!

Lago di Garda - Gardasee - Sirmione

The Lake Garda is just one of my favorite spots for vacation. Maybe that’s something I have in common with thousands of Germans.

Well, where to next? Any good suggestions? What are your plans? I’m looking for nice places all over Europe for my upcoming trip!

Let’s get lost in Bangkok

Last year just at the same time I was already off to Thailand to explore one more part of South-East Asia. Right now work is keeping my feet here in Germany, otherwise I would already have packed my bags and would enjoy some place more vivid, warm and humid.

A friend of mine leaves for Bangkok tonight so I looked up some places I stayed during my 1,5 months in Thailand. I stumbled over the pictures of the first place I stayed in Bangkok and felt really nostalgic and my wanderlust grew even more.

You are longing for a holiday as well? Then let’s get on a plane and we’re off to Bangkok!

Bangkok - Emirates

Before arriving in Paradise, there are some hours to kill. So here’ also my favorite Spotify-Playlist for twelve-hours on a Jetplane. Emirates also provides games to play as well. You can use your remote like a controller – pretty cool.

Let's explore Bangkok - Emirates

Emirate’s planes are my favorite. There’s even a sky full of stars when the cabin lights are turned off.

Of course we haven’t had booked a hostel before our arrival in the late afternoon – planning in advance kills so much of the adventure-feeling!

Therefore we relied on Lonely Planet and tired to find this amazing place called “The Atlantis”.

We took the Sky Train into the center of Bangkok and then to the station where the Atlantis was supposed to be. At this point I need to share my love for the Sky Train.

Let's explore Bangkok Let's explore Bangkok

This train is just the fastest, cleanest and really perfectly situated medium of transportation for a million-souls city like Bangkok. Excepts from the boats. They get you around fast and easy as well. But when you need to get farther away from the Chao Phraya the Sky Train is often faster that any cab or Tuk Tuk could ever be. Additionally from being faster as you won’t be stuck in Bangkok’s crazy traffic, it’s much cheaper. Even through rush hour you won’t have trouble catching your train. The system is easy as well. Unlike Tokyo for example, you only have two main lines which are getting you nearly everywhere you would like to go. The difficult part of finding your direction starts when you leave the platform and start to find your way through Bangkok’s busy streets.

Let's explore Bangkok - The Atlantis

After 2 hours of dirt, sweat and carrying our backpacks through the dusty streets of Bangkok this (pretty cool) sign greeted us. Felt a little bit ironic, especially because we rested just a square-street away from the hotel but it took us a plate of Pad Thai and at least three Ginger Ales and half a hour searching through Google Maps to finally recognize that.

Finally we just had to cross a small path to find this jewel of colonial charm. The whole hotel looks like no one changed a piece of furniture since the English and their East India Trading Company left.

Let's get lost in Bangkok - The Atlantis

And they even have a swimming-pool! That’s heaven when you come home after exploring the city in 40 degrees without resting for a minute!

Let's explore Bangkok

There’s a restaurant connected to the hotel as well. For my taste they have some of the best curries there!

Let's explore Bangkok

The Flower Market isn’t far from the Atlantis, so we took a cap and spend the night wandering through flowers of ever shape and color.

Let's explore Bangkok

Thai people also make amazing bouquets for any religious occasion. They are amazingly beautiful and I bought one made of amazingly purple flowers, unfortunately I couldn’t understand the meaning of it. Hand and feed communication might work for every-day matters but when it comes to advanced spiritual matters it’s just not enough, Well, from the vendors gestures I think the flowers had something to do with the heart. If they help you find love or prevent you from a stroke…well I will never know 🙂

Let's explore Bangkok

On the markets one also finds any plant related to the tradition of Ayurveda medicine or traditional Asian healing methods. Such as Aloe Vera and things I can’t even name.

Let's explore BangkokLet's explore Bangkok - MarketsLet's explore Bangkok - Finsfins

Just one street away from the Atlantis you find FinsFins Bar. A place looking like a surfers retreat, The Japanese owning the place make perfect Japanese Breakfast! It’s the best I ever had outside Japan.

Let's explore Bangkok - Thaifood

Pad Thai we ate while still searching for the Atlantis. Funny fact is that even the owners of the Bar couldn’t tell us where the Atlantis was- even though they spoke perfectly English and are just neighbors to the hotel. The best things are obviously hard to find!

Let's explore BangkokLiving in Germany, and especially in a car-enthusiastic city, I was used to see grey, back or maybe some white cars. In Bangkok cabs are pink. And that’s what makes looking at traffic from some bridge or from the platforms of the Sky Train an amazing diversion.

Let's explore Bangkok

Welcome to one of the most amazing cities on this planet!

Pragues Highlights

Prague…Oh you lovely city of one of the most discussed and yet most loved authors. Say hello to Mr.Kafka and Prague’s Avant-garde. In case you’re going by car to Prague…stop in Pilsen and eat at the local brewery. The food there is just amazing and surprisingly inexpensive! In Prague it’s hard to miss the must-seen-tourist-spots as you only have to follow the masses of visitors. But there are somethings you might not think of in the first place! Prague Prague Prague In Prague you need to bring your picnic to the water. Just hang and watch all the tourists run by, while eat, getting tanned and listening to someone who brought their guitar. There is always someone who brings their guitar. Prague Rent a boat! There’s nothing more relaxing than paddeling on the Moldau. Prague Pilsens Brewery doesn’t only do good bear, but makes the best “Knödel” as well! Prague Oh hello sun rise! If you have never partied on a boat until the sun reminded you that there is always a next day…Prague is the right place to party on on of the Party Boats until the sun comes up! Prague Prague Hard Rock Cafés really aren’t my kind of places. But the one in Prague has this amazing light-installation in shape of a guitar. Prague Prague The museum for modern art in Prague is one of the best of its kind! The art you’ll find there is far away from the mainstream modern-art. Here you’ll find real avant-garde from young aspiring artists.

Thailand: A break beside the Chao Phraya River

I already shared some impressions of Thailand during my time there. Some pictures from some extraordinary locations whenever I had sufficient w-land connection and muse to share something. I already showed you some videos. For example oft my first evening in Bangkok. A video about the train ride to Koh Phangan and impressions from the Khao San Road. I couldn’t hold back my enthusiasm for my favorite breakfast place in Chiang Mai as well – but there is so much more. Todays photos are made in a very little bar near the Dragon Road. A trail through the Chinese Quarter of Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River. We were so exhausted after a day of exploring when we finally stumbled over this magical place. It’s owner appreciates cats (and I’m pretty sure she is actually Japanese! At least the extra toilet-slippers made me wonder;)) It’s just the perfect place to watch the sun go down over this magical city.

break by the river break by the river break by the river break by the river break by the river break by the river  break by the river break by the riverbreak by the river

Guess why I chose this café? Can’t be because of the clouds on their advertising sign!

break by the river

break by the river

The Dragon Road is an amazing path for discovering the riverside of the Chao Phraya. Dare to leave it though! There a small trails leading you directly to the river and through the places where the people besides the river actually live in their houses build on logs right into the water.

break by the river

The small streets of the Road of the Dragon. Simon, who traveled with me was always wondering about the electricity cables running openly through the streets.

break by the river break by the river


Meinen (fast) freien Samstag nutze ich heute um danke zu sagen! Danke für eure lieben Kommentare und Mails. Danke für das Lesen meines Blogs. Danke an so viele treue Leser deren Namen ich hier regelmäßig lese.


Gerade lebe ich zwischen tausenden Umzugskisten, schlafe auf zwei Matratzen, bin mit meinen Gedanken immer sowohl hier als auch schon wieder wo anders. Fast fertig renoviert. Fast fertig umgezogen. Fast in einem geregelten Leben angekommen. Fast schon wieder weg. Langsam geht mir das “inbetween” ein bisschen auf die Nerven. Ein bisschen mehr “in-“be”-tween” wäre schön. Aber bis dahin dauert es wohl noch zwei Jahre. Immerhin meine Sonntage versuche ich mir wieder frei zu halten. So einen Tag in der Woche an dem mal nichts zu tun ist, der einfach nur zum entspannen, quatschen und Kaffee trinken da ist und an dem man so lange man mag im Bett liegen bleibt. Mehr als einen Tag die Woche halte ich das dann sowieso nicht aus! Hoffentlich ist mir das trotzdem wieder öfter gegönnt.

Immerhin. Langsam nimmt die Zukunft immerhin Gestalt an und ich weiß wenigstens wie die nächsten zwei Jahre grob aussehen werden. Wohin die Reise geht ist immerhin buchstäblich für das nächste halbe Jahr schon geplant 🙂

Nur noch bis Mitte Dezember dann geht’s wieder los, bleibt noch genug Zeit für die Reisevorbereitungen und um die Oktobersonne zu genießen 🙂

in-be-tween in-be-tween