Like waiting for Christmas

countdown- countmedown
So this countdown is my actual advent calendar. Slowly NYC gets near. I ordered insta x films for my Fuji and this perfect moleskine notebook where all the Polaroids and my notes and ideas will find a place 🙂
I’m not even sure if I should take my canon. I’ll probably end up taking all pictures by Polaroid or IPhone anyway…as usual.



und manchmal ist die welt zu klein

IMG_0910 IMG_0913 IMG_0914 IMG_0921

Thanks to already 50 people following me! would you mind telling me what you like about my blog or what you would like to improve?:)

The last days I took some Polaroid pictures and cut them open, separated the different layers and put them on aquarell-paper. I love how one can create different looks by overlaying and expanding. Well as a reward I have burned fingers now, as the colour that Polaroids contain is highly toxic. So for when you want to follow my example…wear gloves (what I actually did) but never ever put them down! (not even for checking your phone…what stupid-me did…)Therefore I also didn’t take pictures of the process. Maybe next time I can get someone to document while I’m peeling one layer from another:)

ghosts that we know


IMG_3147 IMG_3148 IMG_3149 IMG_3150 IMG_3154

I’m sorry for the silence around here the last days. Last week I literally recorded the story of a break-up in polaroid-pictures. Is there something more intense and at the same time romantic than seeing the person you were in love in for the last three years disappear into the snowy night?

Well, everything that stays is some clothing, a camera and Ottfried Preussler’s “Krabat”. Could be much worse.

In my creative mind I already see a photo-challenge: “All that remains”. Who’s up for that?;)

There’s actually a museum for broken relationships: . They present pieces, leftovers of former romantic relationships. Everything in their collection is send in by donators, who want to get rid of the stuff that reminds them of their ex-lovers but want to know it in good hands. Sometimes the pieces have some beautiful stories behind them 🙂