WHAT TO WEAR?: in italy

amore mio - italian travel style
Italy calls for a stylish travel outfit. I put together a set with things that I think are not only quite functional for exploring all the old little cities of this amazing country, but also look nice for visiting a good restaurant and have a “sundowner” in of the busy bars neat the harbor. Not to warm, not to cold. Perfect for temperatures about 25 degrees. A bag where you can easily fit a bottle of water in, yet it’s cross-body so you won’t have to carry it in your hand all day. Because you’ll need your hands to take photographs of the picturesque scenery around you!

Uniqlo loose top
€28 – uniqlo.com

Lee high rise skinny jeans
€115 – johnlewis.com

Nine West strap sandals
€73 – ninewest.com

MANGO cotton shoulder bag
€110 – mango.com

Ray-Ban aviator glasses
€165 – stylebop.com

Like waiting for Christmas

countdown- countmedown
So this countdown is my actual advent calendar. Slowly NYC gets near. I ordered insta x films for my Fuji and this perfect moleskine notebook where all the Polaroids and my notes and ideas will find a place 🙂
I’m not even sure if I should take my canon. I’ll probably end up taking all pictures by Polaroid or IPhone anyway…as usual.



Where The Wild Wind Blows


There’s this handsome boy, also known as Patrick Mirlach, who one can consider my male fashion-consciousness. I think I’ve never seen him out-of-style. Not even on the tennis-court. He’s the one I’m texting when I’m standing in the changing room and I’m in doubt 😉

Besides from having a perfect sense of style, he shares my love for Scandinavia and is as bad in taking Selfies as I am!

Besides from THAT, he’s a model. Of course. And a good one as well. You might have seen the “darken me” series I did with Christopher from Sandbox-Studios and him last year.

I only took some new Polaroids of him last week (as you can see above!) but there’s also some cool new stuff we made with Kathrin Pöhler. The series is calles “Aiolos”- he’s the son of the greek god of wind. The series is called like that, because we shot the pictures at the “Walhalla” and were nearly carried away by the blasts blowing trough the corridors of this old monument.

Photo © by Kathrin Pöhler, H&M by Cornelia Böhm


Photo © by Kathrin Pöhler, H&M by Cornelia Böhm
You find the whole series here.


darken me

One of the projects I did with Christopher and Patrick was featured on dailymalemodels.com. I tried to make Patrick look a little darker and edgier than he usually does. Turned out quite cool and I’m impressed of Christopher’s work here as he usually is more a fan of soft backlights and sunbeams. Well, that’s what I do when I’m actually not reading. Climbing around some old bunkers, getting my shins scratched open and make people looking like they’ve just found their way out of hell! Enjoy!

Photo © by Christopher Wesser, H&M by Cornelia Böhm




Champagne Supernova

I went to the beautiful City of Karlsruhe this week. I had no ideas about this town, but it turned Out to be one of the most stunning places I’ve been to so far. With it’s buildings from the 17th century, influenced by the orientalistic palaces, the Barock Castle and it’s wide and lovely botanical gardens this city really makes you feel like beeing back at some king’s court, wandering through amazing gardens in the afternoon sun. In it’s Orangerie you’ll find an amazing exhibition about modern art. Karlsruhe I’ll be back! The rest of the week was full with work and I couldn’t wait for Friday to come. We had a Barbecue, went on the Classic OpenAir and watched the beautiest firework. What’s better than being able to sit outside on the grass in some summerdress and having shivers of golden light raining down on you? Probably nothing.
I hope you have a great weekend! Xx