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morning reading


“You’re not telling me anything I don’t know already. ‘Relax your body, and the rest of you will lighten up.’ What’s the point of saying that to me? If I relaxed my body now, I’d fall apart. I’ve always lived like this, and it’s the only way I know how to go on living. If I relaxed for a second, I’d never find my way back. I’d go to pieces, and the pieces would be blown away. Why can’t you see that? How can you talk about watching over me if you can’ see that?”

— Haruki Murakami – Norwegian Wood

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die farben berlins

i needed to buy those fantastic pantone cards. and to play with them. gladly no one in Berlin wonders about people doing crazy things. a visitor of the Gerhard Richter exhibition wore the fitting pullover. how amazing? This deserves a “best dressed” award!