Recap and coffee

IMG_0550.JPGThe year 2016 has nearly come to an end. Time to get up and get some things done while the old year still lasts. One thing I really want to get into again is blogging (and cleaning my flat, my closet, get my washing machine installed, finally paint my bedroom…) I work with so many inspiring bloggers every day but I stopped to publish (except for instagram) myself. Well, a new year is always also a time for a change. Or better: a reason to start new, positive habits.

Here comes my mid-December recap with some nice coffee-spots to spend the time between the years in my hometown Ingolstadt!

Yes, I spend most of the time at my desk at work, but sometimes my job requires to go outside. I had an amazing photo shooting in the cold with the new Audi Q2, finally found the most beautiful café in Ingolstadt (in my opinion it’s the Café am Schloß!), had some Glühwein at the little Christmas market of the Alte Anatomie (the museum of the history of medicine, a beautiful building that looks like a small castle, just in Ingolstadts city-center), the herbs at the museums garden were covered by the first frost of the year. I finally got to read the new issue of the Kinfolk magazine at a nice coffee-spot as well: one of the oldest cafés in Ingolstadt, the Café Wiedamann. mid-decemberrecap

Café am Schloß

Ballhausgasse 2, 85049 Ingolstadt

Oh this is one of my most favorite places. Nice industrial-interior. Modern but classic, the coffee is excellent and the breakfast contains only regional products. Also the coffee is roasted by their own little roastery – something you’ll taste. They’re also very flexible when it comes to vegetarian alternatives and soy-milk. Something you won’t get everywhere in Ingolstadt!



Café Anna

Theresienstraße 19, 85049 Ingolstadt

The hot-spot for families and friends alike every saturday. From soja-latte to vegan ice-cream. The Anna has ist all. As well as a little bookshop and a beautiful interior. But be quick. On vertain times you’ll be waiting quite long  in line to get your coffee…



Café Wiedamann

Donaustraße 1, 85049 Ingolstadt

Craving a piece of really self made cake? This little place is the spot for it. Just near “Vronis Ratschhaus” and the Pop-Up Coffee “Coffee Roasters V” you’ll find this little gem. Mr Wiedamann is still baking on his own. And there’s regular coffee, a piece of cake and a nice atmosphere plus friendly service for under 4€!


Café Velo

Kreuzstrasse 2; 85049 Ingolstadt

Do you remember the little bike-shop that was in front of the Münster for as long as I can remember? Evi Salt took it over and made it in one of the most cozy and beautiful spots in the whole inner city. And the best thing? Except for the down-to-earth owner Evi? The coffee is served in cups of reasonable size and there’s always the smell of freshly baked waffles hanging in the air…

Special: Try the gingerbread-waffles that are only served around Christmas! Proof of calories worth the intake see below. And they taste even better when shared with some friends 🙂


Wait for the list to continue, I’m not done testing every coffee of this town yet 🙂

Have a good last week before the Christmas holidays!

Vera Molnar – (Un)Ordnung/(Dés)Ordre

Today I want to talk about an amazing artist. Considered as one of the pioneers of digital art she is an example how Concrete Art is still a developing branch of art today.

Vera Molnar was born 1924 in Budapest and lives since 1947 in Paris. She is the first one to use a computer to show how geometric and systematic pieces  a machine can create. But what she fascinates is not the precision one can archive with the help of a PC, but to break the regularity of machine-made patterns. She creates programs to translate her hand-drawn pieces into a digital code and builds series which are enormously precise except for some small mistakes. Those are made by coincidence. This failures by chance mark her work and give her current exhibition the title “dés-ordre”. The museum of concrete art in Ingolstadt shows never published drawings and an overview of her work from the early beginnings until present installations.

The catching thing about this exhibition is not only its remarkable content but it’s accessibility for people who aren’t familiar with the subject of Concrete Art. There is an accompanying brochure available and an audio-guide, filled with original quotes spoken by Vera Molnar herself.

“Uralt… “M” das ist mein Lieblingsbuchstabe: Zuerst, weil ich heiße Molnar, das ist “M” … Michelangelo, Moholy-Nagy, Malewitch, Mondrian … gibt sehr, sehr viele mit “M”. Aber … für meine malerische Arbeit war es wichtig, weil das ist ein Ausweg, ein Augang aus dem Quadrat. Das QUadrat ist, wenn man ewig nur Quadrate malt oder zeichnet … das wird ein bisschen langweilig. Also ein “M” ist eigentlich zwei Seiten von einem Quadrat und zwei halbe Diagonale. Das ist ein Quadrat, und es ist doch nicht ein Quadrat. Es ist vektorisiert, es hat eine Richtung … Ich habe sehr, sehr viele Sachen mit “M”-Buchstaben gemacht.” – Vera Molnar. In: (Un)Ordnung. (Dés)Ordre. Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt, 2014.

VERA MOLNAR. (Un)Ordnung. (Dés)Ordre.
Until  29. Juni 2014 at the Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt

Ode to the West Wind, Vera Molnar, 1980.



Parcours à l’angle droit, Vera Molnar, 1997.


Let’s be concrete

I’m quite a fan of concrete art as it never deals with figures and this simplicity of forms and colours has a very calming effect on me. Everything is geometrical, is mathematical, nothing is really disturbing. Everything is in it’s perfect form.

One of my favourite pieces by Christian Megert is presented at the Museum for Concrete Art in Ingolstadt right now and I was standing in front of it an couldn’t stop staring at the moving mirrors- always showing you a new part of the world sourrounding you. This is like anarchy in Concrete Art. I love it.