Teenage Dream


90s fashion and culture is stating a big revival. But there’s not only the youth culture of the 80s and 90s we should keep on discussing about an look back on.

Director Matt Wolf makes it now easy for us to get back in time until the 19th century and follow the developement of “youth culture” or better: the special demographic group we refer to as “youth” today, until the present day. His film is as much a documentary full of facts and rare archival footage but as well an aesthetic masterpiece. Watch and enjoy 🙂

3 Stunden

I saw an amazingly cute film on monday. It’s about two people being friends for a long time until they realize their love for each other just the moment when she’s about to leave the country for good. It’s a beautiful story about theater, poetry, friedship and what you can archive in three hours if you really want to.
Unfortunately it’s a german production and won’t be translated in English.
Here’s the trailer: