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Black Milk brings us the real fall magic

Black Milk brings us the real fall magic

“If you’re havin’ Quidditch problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems, but a snitch ain’t one!”(Black Milk’s picture caption)

The tricot-trend is going one step further…black milk just launched a magical Harry Potter clothing line. If you’re not much into basketball or football, but into Harry Potter (and seriously…everyone who isn’t is not my friend :D), you finally can get your Quidditch tricot. Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, whatever team your into, as long as you are team Potter.


School start has never been so magic. Even if the idea of going by train to Hogwarts has faded, the magic of the Harry Potter world and the excitement about the start of a new school year full of adventures still lingers.

I wish there were a clothing line like that when I had to go back to school…starting school would have been much easier after spending the holidays with my head in one of the Harry Potter books! Have a good start everyone!


Let’s get ready for a fall full of magic!


You find all the pictures of this entry at the Black Milk Facebook page!

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Prague’s Jewels

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I’m finally back home and I’ve seen more than I remember and I remember more than I’ve seen.
If you ever want to go thrifting forget about London’s Camden market or Berlin’s underground bazaars. Eastern Europe is a Paradise when it comes to good and not too expensive vintage-clothing as I discovered.
Normally you can even get discounts on the flea-markets as it is totally normal to haggle about a beloved piece.
Janet (die girl from the czech kleiderkreisel-side) gave me some tips and I found myself in Katerina’s vintage boutique.
She’s an amazing person with a perfect sense for style and every piece in her store picked by her hand. Most of the things are brought in by czech celebrities and that’s what make’s her store a paradise for exclusive shoe’s and evening wear. You already feel glamorous when entering her store, but at least when the tissue of an old Valentino touches your skin you’re finally under the spell of this magical place of glamour and fashion.
Definitely a place where I’ll stop by again the next time when I’ll be visiting Prague. 🙂