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1. Es gibt ein wunderschönes, fast britisch anmutendes Café in Ingolstadt, das Café “Himmelblau”

Gelegen direkt an der Hohen Schule, in der Abendsonne und gefüllt mit unterschiedlichsten Stühlen, Tischen, Stilen und Geschirr. Ein Ort für Kreativität! 🙂

2. Der trendige Design-Shop “Søstrene Grene” eröffnet eine Filiale im Westpark, die Einweihungsfeier unseres neuen Lieblings-Designshops in Ingolstadt, findet am 20.7. statt! Hier könnt ihr euch schon einmal durch den Katalog klicken:

3. Das Taktraum-Festival findet dieses Jahr am 27. und 28.07. wie gewohnt im Reduit Tilly statt. Mit dabei unter anderem DJ Koletzki. Für Karten geht es hier entlang:

Festival Ingolstadt

4. Die Audi Sommerkonzerte wurden letztes Wochenende mit den öffentlichen “Sommerkonzerten” mit Picknick-Wiese im Klenzepark eröffnet. Es folgen weitere Highlights. Besonders an’s Herz legen möchte ich euch folgende Programmpunkte:

Highlight Nummer Eins:

Was:                Konzerterlebnis „Illusions“

Wann:               Mittwoch, 18.07., 18.30 Uhr oder 21.30 Uhr

Wo:                 Museum für Konkrete Kunst

Was genau:

 Pekka Kuusisto (Geige) und Patricia Kopatchinskaja (Geige) spielen ein eher zeitgenössisches Programm. 
Es passt zur aktuell laufenden Op-Art-Ausstellung „Colors in Motion“.

Das Publikum bewegt sich mit den Musikern durch das Museum

Ein Team aus Video- und Lichtdesignern macht das Konzert zu einem Erlebnis, das alle Sinne anspricht. 

Dauer: ca. 1h

 Nach dem Konzert kannst du dir noch die aktuelle Ausstellung im Museum für Konkrete Kunst anschauen.

Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt

Mehr Infos zum Programm findest du hier: 


Highlight Nummer Zwei:

Was:                Stummfilmkonzert „Im Takt der Metropole“

Wann:               Dienstag, 24.07.2018, 20 Uhr

Wo:                 Festsaal im Stadttheater

Was genau:

·         Organist Cameron Carpenter improvisiert zu Walter Ruttmanss Stummfilm 
„Berlin – Die Sinfonie der Großstadt“ (1927)

·         Dauer: ca. 65 Minuten 

·         Nach dem Konzert gibt es noch ein Künstlergespräch mit Cameron; 
es moderiert der SZ-Journalist Jörg Häntzschel



A Weekend in New York

I’ll spend the next days and NYE in New York. Time to get a closer look at the city. I’ve already seen Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty, so we had time to walk around and just to stop wherever we wanted to.

Weekend in New York

The New York discovery-tour started at Bryant Park, where I took this amazing “Kugel-Selfie”in one of the enormous christmas tree balls.
Weekend in New York

The weather was awesome and one wouldn’t think it’s December in New York. No snow, only warm sunshine.

Weekend in New York Weekend in New York

Of course I needed to see the Central Station and took a Serena-like picture. Of course. 
Weekend in New Yorki always dreamt about seeing the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center. Well this year’s tree might not be a beauty but I was still amazed by all those people admiring the decoration and waiting for a spot on the ice-ring.
Weekend in New York

Sun goes down around 5pm these days and we watched it from New Yorks one and only castle. The “Belvedere”on a hill in the Central Park. We also went to the Strawberry Fields and guessed about the spot where John Lennon was shot.
Weekend in New York

Saturday Night ended with some american foodporn. And it was finally a real Date Night. Without the movie but with dinner and Margaritas.

Weekend in New York

Sunday morning we had italian coffee at Eataly, just across the Flat Iron Building. It’s an amazing food court full of delicious Italian food.
Weekend in New York Weekend in New York

We made our way through little Italy and China Town. Buying Polaroid films at Urban Outfitters and having lunch at Ramen Takumi, near NYU.

Weekend in New York

Guess how many taxis hooted at me for standing in the center of the street and taking pictures like this one. People definitely honk more in America then in Berlin. Seems to be a proven fact. Weekend in New York

Finally we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and watched the Skyline.

Weekend in New YorkWeekend in New York

We ended our tour at the Chelsea Market. They still have their Christmas Decoration on and I couldn”t help myself and spend some time at the Anthropologie store.Weekend in New YorkWeekend in New York

Pragues Highlights

Prague…Oh you lovely city of one of the most discussed and yet most loved authors. Say hello to Mr.Kafka and Prague’s Avant-garde. In case you’re going by car to Prague…stop in Pilsen and eat at the local brewery. The food there is just amazing and surprisingly inexpensive! In Prague it’s hard to miss the must-seen-tourist-spots as you only have to follow the masses of visitors. But there are somethings you might not think of in the first place! Prague Prague Prague In Prague you need to bring your picnic to the water. Just hang and watch all the tourists run by, while eat, getting tanned and listening to someone who brought their guitar. There is always someone who brings their guitar. Prague Rent a boat! There’s nothing more relaxing than paddeling on the Moldau. Prague Pilsens Brewery doesn’t only do good bear, but makes the best “Knödel” as well! Prague Oh hello sun rise! If you have never partied on a boat until the sun reminded you that there is always a next day…Prague is the right place to party on on of the Party Boats until the sun comes up! Prague Prague Hard Rock Cafés really aren’t my kind of places. But the one in Prague has this amazing light-installation in shape of a guitar. Prague Prague The museum for modern art in Prague is one of the best of its kind! The art you’ll find there is far away from the mainstream modern-art. Here you’ll find real avant-garde from young aspiring artists.

Thailand: A break beside the Chao Phraya River

I already shared some impressions of Thailand during my time there. Some pictures from some extraordinary locations whenever I had sufficient w-land connection and muse to share something. I already showed you some videos. For example oft my first evening in Bangkok. A video about the train ride to Koh Phangan and impressions from the Khao San Road. I couldn’t hold back my enthusiasm for my favorite breakfast place in Chiang Mai as well – but there is so much more. Todays photos are made in a very little bar near the Dragon Road. A trail through the Chinese Quarter of Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River. We were so exhausted after a day of exploring when we finally stumbled over this magical place. It’s owner appreciates cats (and I’m pretty sure she is actually Japanese! At least the extra toilet-slippers made me wonder;)) It’s just the perfect place to watch the sun go down over this magical city.

break by the river break by the river break by the river break by the river break by the river break by the river  break by the river break by the riverbreak by the river

Guess why I chose this café? Can’t be because of the clouds on their advertising sign!

break by the river

break by the river

The Dragon Road is an amazing path for discovering the riverside of the Chao Phraya. Dare to leave it though! There a small trails leading you directly to the river and through the places where the people besides the river actually live in their houses build on logs right into the water.

break by the river

The small streets of the Road of the Dragon. Simon, who traveled with me was always wondering about the electricity cables running openly through the streets.

break by the river break by the river