Teenage Dream


90s fashion and culture is stating a big revival. But there’s not only the youth culture of the 80s and 90s we should keep on discussing about an look back on.

Director Matt Wolf makes it now easy for us to get back in time until the 19th century and follow the developement of “youth culture” or better: the special demographic group we refer to as “youth” today, until the present day. His film is as much a documentary full of facts and rare archival footage but as well an aesthetic masterpiece. Watch and enjoy 🙂

und manchmal ist die welt zu klein

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Thanks to already 50 people following me! would you mind telling me what you like about my blog or what you would like to improve?:)

The last days I took some Polaroid pictures and cut them open, separated the different layers and put them on aquarell-paper. I love how one can create different looks by overlaying and expanding. Well as a reward I have burned fingers now, as the colour that Polaroids contain is highly toxic. So for when you want to follow my example…wear gloves (what I actually did) but never ever put them down! (not even for checking your phone…what stupid-me did…)Therefore I also didn’t take pictures of the process. Maybe next time I can get someone to document while I’m peeling one layer from another:)

an artists who’s never shown her work who watches the award shows and cries during acceptance speeches singing herself to sleep

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I shouldn’t have watched the Oscars last night until the sun rise as I’m having a shooting today…uff. I’ll fall gladly in my bed tonight…but until that we’ll hopefully do some amazing pictures! and: congratulations Anna Karenina for the best Costume-Design! And congratulations to Paperman- you’re one of the most beautiful short films I’ve ever seen! 🙂 Hope you have all slept well! Have a nice day!!:)

Gold to me



I think I fell in love with this band like years ago in Sweden…but when Vodafone launched their Video with their song “welcome home” I remembered them and…fell in love again. What matches a cold autumn-day better than a guy with such a calm voice and those soft and not too melancholic songs.