Teenage Dream


90s fashion and culture is stating a big revival. But there’s not only the youth culture of the 80s and 90s we should keep on discussing about an look back on.

Director Matt Wolf makes it now easy for us to get back in time until the 19th century and follow the developement of “youth culture” or better: the special demographic group we refer to as “youth” today, until the present day. His film is as much a documentary full of facts and rare archival footage but as well an aesthetic masterpiece. Watch and enjoy 🙂

Vera Molnar – (Un)Ordnung/(Dés)Ordre

Today I want to talk about an amazing artist. Considered as one of the pioneers of digital art she is an example how Concrete Art is still a developing branch of art today.

Vera Molnar was born 1924 in Budapest and lives since 1947 in Paris. She is the first one to use a computer to show how geometric and systematic pieces  a machine can create. But what she fascinates is not the precision one can archive with the help of a PC, but to break the regularity of machine-made patterns. She creates programs to translate her hand-drawn pieces into a digital code and builds series which are enormously precise except for some small mistakes. Those are made by coincidence. This failures by chance mark her work and give her current exhibition the title “dés-ordre”. The museum of concrete art in Ingolstadt shows never published drawings and an overview of her work from the early beginnings until present installations.

The catching thing about this exhibition is not only its remarkable content but it’s accessibility for people who aren’t familiar with the subject of Concrete Art. There is an accompanying brochure available and an audio-guide, filled with original quotes spoken by Vera Molnar herself.

“Uralt… “M” das ist mein Lieblingsbuchstabe: Zuerst, weil ich heiße Molnar, das ist “M” … Michelangelo, Moholy-Nagy, Malewitch, Mondrian … gibt sehr, sehr viele mit “M”. Aber … für meine malerische Arbeit war es wichtig, weil das ist ein Ausweg, ein Augang aus dem Quadrat. Das QUadrat ist, wenn man ewig nur Quadrate malt oder zeichnet … das wird ein bisschen langweilig. Also ein “M” ist eigentlich zwei Seiten von einem Quadrat und zwei halbe Diagonale. Das ist ein Quadrat, und es ist doch nicht ein Quadrat. Es ist vektorisiert, es hat eine Richtung … Ich habe sehr, sehr viele Sachen mit “M”-Buchstaben gemacht.” – Vera Molnar. In: (Un)Ordnung. (Dés)Ordre. Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt, 2014.

VERA MOLNAR. (Un)Ordnung. (Dés)Ordre.
Until  29. Juni 2014 at the Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt

Ode to the West Wind, Vera Molnar, 1980.



Parcours à l’angle droit, Vera Molnar, 1997.


sagrada familia

In Barcelona I discovered one of the most beautiful places humanity might have ever built. Finally freed from its scaffolds one is able to see it’s amazing ceiling – turning your head up you might as well be standing in some wood gazing up at the canopy of leaves. There’s amazing light in this church and you’re being bathed in different colours and degrees of warmth.

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und manchmal ist die welt zu klein

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The last days I took some Polaroid pictures and cut them open, separated the different layers and put them on aquarell-paper. I love how one can create different looks by overlaying and expanding. Well as a reward I have burned fingers now, as the colour that Polaroids contain is highly toxic. So for when you want to follow my example…wear gloves (what I actually did) but never ever put them down! (not even for checking your phone…what stupid-me did…)Therefore I also didn’t take pictures of the process. Maybe next time I can get someone to document while I’m peeling one layer from another:)

Just a few impressions of my trip to Prague during the Easter-Weekend. There will be so many more pictures but I’ll be leaving for Berlin tomorrow, therefore you only find some Instagram-pictures here until I have the time to upload my photographic view of this beautiful city! See you soon! Have an amazing last free day;)

There will also be a small second-hand guide through Prague as I stayed with the head of marketing of the czech “Kleiderkreisel”-site (www.kleiderkreisel.de) and she gave me some amazing addresses for vintage-clothing. On the way I discovered some more shops and an amazing flea-market as well.