And I said what about…

…Breakfast at Tiffanys? She said: I think I remember the film…
New York is near. Only two weeks left until I’ll reach American soil. Time to catch up on some reading. I made a list of books to read before I wander all the places where many of those famous American writers located their stories. I can’t wait to see the Central Park, the Waldorf Astoria, the Times Square and so on…and I can’t wait to see the Tiffany’s store;) Truman Capote, one of the most famous party hosts himself wrote a book about the life of “Manhattans Elite”, their lifestyle, parties and of course about love. Or better: about the searching and finding of love. But there is more to it. It is also about a special woman, a modern woman. A woman who makes her own way in a men’s world and who is not just a female stereotype, but a character who values herself over achievements like marriage and a husband.
The book was made into a film many of you might know. Holly Golightly with her little black dress, her pearl necklace and voluminous hair up-do has become a popular costume for dress up parties. She was all Chanel and her image of a woman in a little black dress stood for.
In the end Holly also wants to find a place where she feels home. Just as home as she feels in the Tiffany store. Of course there are some obstacles in her way…
My favorite quote from the book is definitely this one:

It’s a bore, but the answer is good things only happen to you if you’re good. Good? Honest is more what I mean. Not lawtype honest–I’d rob a grave, I’d steal two-bits off a dead man’s eyes if I thought it would contribute to the day’s enjoyment–but unto-thyself-type honest. Be anything but a coward, a pretender, an emotional crook, a whore: I’d rather have cancer than a dishonest heart. Which isn’t being pious. Just practical. Cancer may cool you, but the other’s sure to.

Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffanys


PS: Tiffany turquoise is definitely one of my favorite colors 🙂


morning reading


“You’re not telling me anything I don’t know already. ‘Relax your body, and the rest of you will lighten up.’ What’s the point of saying that to me? If I relaxed my body now, I’d fall apart. I’ve always lived like this, and it’s the only way I know how to go on living. If I relaxed for a second, I’d never find my way back. I’d go to pieces, and the pieces would be blown away. Why can’t you see that? How can you talk about watching over me if you can’ see that?”

— Haruki Murakami – Norwegian Wood

Champagne Supernova

I went to the beautiful City of Karlsruhe this week. I had no ideas about this town, but it turned Out to be one of the most stunning places I’ve been to so far. With it’s buildings from the 17th century, influenced by the orientalistic palaces, the Barock Castle and it’s wide and lovely botanical gardens this city really makes you feel like beeing back at some king’s court, wandering through amazing gardens in the afternoon sun. In it’s Orangerie you’ll find an amazing exhibition about modern art. Karlsruhe I’ll be back! The rest of the week was full with work and I couldn’t wait for Friday to come. We had a Barbecue, went on the Classic OpenAir and watched the beautiest firework. What’s better than being able to sit outside on the grass in some summerdress and having shivers of golden light raining down on you? Probably nothing.
I hope you have a great weekend! Xx