Where The Wild Wind Blows


There’s this handsome boy, also known as Patrick Mirlach, who one can consider my male fashion-consciousness. I think I’ve never seen him out-of-style. Not even on the tennis-court. He’s the one I’m texting when I’m standing in the changing room and I’m in doubt 😉

Besides from having a perfect sense of style, he shares my love for Scandinavia and is as bad in taking Selfies as I am!

Besides from THAT, he’s a model. Of course. And a good one as well. You might have seen the “darken me” series I did with Christopher from Sandbox-Studios and him last year.

I only took some new Polaroids of him last week (as you can see above!) but there’s also some cool new stuff we made with Kathrin Pöhler. The series is calles “Aiolos”- he’s the son of the greek god of wind. The series is called like that, because we shot the pictures at the “Walhalla” and were nearly carried away by the blasts blowing trough the corridors of this old monument.

Photo © by Kathrin Pöhler, H&M by Cornelia Böhm


Photo © by Kathrin Pöhler, H&M by Cornelia Böhm
You find the whole series here.


How I love to spend my summer: part 1

I know everyone always wants to spend their summer at the beach, partying, enjoying sunshine. I know, I did that too this year (except for so much partying). But to me there’s a better way to spend my summer vacation. Since 4 years I go on holiday with children who sometimes have a difficult background, family situation or who just want to spend their school holiday with other children apart from their parents. So much for the introduction. Bild

For one week we live in a beautiful house in Bavaria. Surrounded by nothing but fields, a creek, flower fields and some stray cats.



One of the best things besides hiking or playing games, doing experiments or painting and doing quizzes during the days is preparing food together and enjoying long evenings by the camp fire.


No 5-Star menu tastes better, than grilled sausages after a day of taking care of thirty children!;)

This year I will take the kids to Sweden again. Living in a tent for two weeks straight, adapting to an unfamiliar group and being away from their parents for so long is a totally new experience for the most of them. I’m already looking forward to it!


Vera Molnar – (Un)Ordnung/(Dés)Ordre

Today I want to talk about an amazing artist. Considered as one of the pioneers of digital art she is an example how Concrete Art is still a developing branch of art today.

Vera Molnar was born 1924 in Budapest and lives since 1947 in Paris. She is the first one to use a computer to show how geometric and systematic pieces  a machine can create. But what she fascinates is not the precision one can archive with the help of a PC, but to break the regularity of machine-made patterns. She creates programs to translate her hand-drawn pieces into a digital code and builds series which are enormously precise except for some small mistakes. Those are made by coincidence. This failures by chance mark her work and give her current exhibition the title “dés-ordre”. The museum of concrete art in Ingolstadt shows never published drawings and an overview of her work from the early beginnings until present installations.

The catching thing about this exhibition is not only its remarkable content but it’s accessibility for people who aren’t familiar with the subject of Concrete Art. There is an accompanying brochure available and an audio-guide, filled with original quotes spoken by Vera Molnar herself.

“Uralt… “M” das ist mein Lieblingsbuchstabe: Zuerst, weil ich heiße Molnar, das ist “M” … Michelangelo, Moholy-Nagy, Malewitch, Mondrian … gibt sehr, sehr viele mit “M”. Aber … für meine malerische Arbeit war es wichtig, weil das ist ein Ausweg, ein Augang aus dem Quadrat. Das QUadrat ist, wenn man ewig nur Quadrate malt oder zeichnet … das wird ein bisschen langweilig. Also ein “M” ist eigentlich zwei Seiten von einem Quadrat und zwei halbe Diagonale. Das ist ein Quadrat, und es ist doch nicht ein Quadrat. Es ist vektorisiert, es hat eine Richtung … Ich habe sehr, sehr viele Sachen mit “M”-Buchstaben gemacht.” – Vera Molnar. In: (Un)Ordnung. (Dés)Ordre. Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt, 2014.

VERA MOLNAR. (Un)Ordnung. (Dés)Ordre.
Until  29. Juni 2014 at the Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt

Ode to the West Wind, Vera Molnar, 1980.



Parcours à l’angle droit, Vera Molnar, 1997.



I know reading about different places and people is exciting. I love it myself and Fernweh is one of my steady companions. But why always look so far. Personally I try to concentrate on my nearby sourroundings. One of my last posts was about a trip to “Herrenchiemsee”. An amazing place and I didn’t even need to pack my Travel-Passport to get there. Especially now, in spring every place and every street looks different. The overwhelming amounth of bloolming trees and meadows sprinkeled with dandelions makes you realizing every familiar place like a spot you’ve never seen before.

“Heimat” ist a beautiful german word. It’s the place, the spot in the world, where you usually feel most comfortable and relied to.

For me it’s interesting to see where fellow Bloggers come from. Your home always tells a little bit about the person. Who she ist, how she might have grown up and with which cultural and traditional values she identifies herself with.

I found on maedchenmitherz someone who obviously had the same ideas as I. Katja shows us her home near the sea in very personal pictures. She calls this categroy on her Blog “Projekt Heimat”, a beautiful idea!

I went for a walk through my home town last week and took some pictures of the castle (I have a thing for castles as you might have already realized ;)) and the apple-trees which are sourrounding it.



darken me

One of the projects I did with Christopher and Patrick was featured on dailymalemodels.com. I tried to make Patrick look a little darker and edgier than he usually does. Turned out quite cool and I’m impressed of Christopher’s work here as he usually is more a fan of soft backlights and sunbeams. Well, that’s what I do when I’m actually not reading. Climbing around some old bunkers, getting my shins scratched open and make people looking like they’ve just found their way out of hell! Enjoy!

Photo © by Christopher Wesser, H&M by Cornelia Böhm