WHAT TO WEAR?: at Rock im Park

Finally! We have arrived in 2015s festival season! I’ll be at Rock im Park, a Bavarian festival near the fabulous city of Nürnberg. The most bands who enter the stage here are Rock, Alternative or Metal acts. I’m totally looking forward to see In Flames, Foo Fighters and Slash live!

Although I already talked about the right festival “fashion” last year: here comes another post. Why? Because all those Fashion Blogs give unrealistic outfit-inspirations for a three-day Rock festival. Rock im Park is loud, crowded and dirty. So you won’t take your most beloved clothes with you. At least I don’t.

Here comes my suggestion:

rock im park

Ripped Jeans, boots to keep your feet save and dry, a small bag for some water and tissues (remember: there are only Dixi toilets!), an instant camera, so you wont lose your good one and of course some accessorizes to make you feel good!

And when the temperatures are rising:

Black shorts are perfect as you will be sitting around and waiting for the bands to start a lot. The combination of Bralet, Shirt and Blouse gives you the opportunity to get rid of layers of clothing. One thing at a time. And Chucks are so much better than sandals. Trust me, there will be people jumping on your feet.

By the way, I made a playlist with all the songs I definitely want to hear in two weeks, give it a try 🙂

What are your festival must-haves? Anything I could forget about?

4 thoughts on “WHAT TO WEAR?: at Rock im Park

      • Ne, die Wirklichschlimmsten sind die Campingexpertennerds, die Ingwer-Vanille-Tee, frischen Espresso kochen und ganz besonderes irisches Bier dabei haben… Und wie soll man eigentlich ohne Megafon vernünftig nach Helgaaaa Ausschau halten? 😉


      • Na gut, um Helga zu finden drück’ ich nochmal ein Auge zu 😉 Wobei ich diese Camingexpertennerds ja immer sehr bewundere…wer denkt bei einem Festival schon an Ingwer-Vanille-Tee?! Und schleppt seine Espresso Kanne auf den Zeltplatz? Das sind immer die Leute bei denen ich dann schnorren gehe 😀


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