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you’re a river and I’m falling water

Maybe your toes are as cold as mine these days. The season of Karneval is over for this year here in Germany and everyone is finally starting with their new years resolutions. Somehow this time of the year is my absolute favorite. Winter is still lingering over the word but fresh cut flowers, melting snow and some glimpse of sunshine are already marking the beginning of spring. “Aschermittwoch”, “Askonsdag” might as well be one of my most loved days of the year because it’s such a quiet day after all the celebrations, the dancing and loud music playing everywhere. People are getting a little more serious again.

Today we’ll be eating some fish and vegetables again – the start into the fasting period before Easter.

I hope some of you could enjoy some free days and the celebrations on the weekend!

Because it’s still so cold outside (at least for southern-Germany) I thought about a trip I took when I was near Washington earlier this year. I went to see the “Potomac-Falls” a beautiful wild running river just so close to the capital. It was freezing and I couldn’t even feel my feet anymore..but the view! Such a beautiful place.

Potomac Falls - North America

The admission to the Falls is free during the winter month and first I thought we would be the only ones visiting the reservoir because of the cold. But actually some people use this place for walking their dog or even for a run.

Potomac Falls - North America

The way to the falls is made of wooden bridges so it’s more of a walk then a hike.

Potomac Falls - North AmericaPotomac Falls - North America

How many water is flowing through this river in a minute? Being from Europe it was fantastic to see that this river could just go wild and free without being disturbed by any artificial riverbed.

Potomac Falls - North AmericaPotomac Falls - North AmericaPotomac Falls - North America

Ice on the water. I think those lakes must be frozen by now as there are around -24 degrees in this area now.

Potomac Falls - North America - Map


  1. …so befinden wir uns “zwischen Karneval und Fasten”, etwa so wie bei Bruegel, und doch ist es beruhigend, dass das Wasser der Potomac-Falls Morgen ebenso fließen wird wie heute


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