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Differences – or how you know you’re from Europe

I’m so European. That’s what strikes me the first time in America. Especially when it comes to plastic bags. Switching off my ecological consciousness for the next three weeks seems like the best thing to do 😀 The cashier at Giants looked like I was retarded when I told her I wouldn’t want any plastic bag. Then she gave me a bundle of at least eleven bags and gave me an accusing glance. Sorry! Next time I’ll let somebody pack my stuff. Promise!

Easton - Giant - plastic bags - waste
My first stop is the small town of Easton at the Dalaware river. One of the oldest in America. Beautifully old (well old for American standards) houses with the characteristically decorated wooden porches. Here you find the first house having electricity. Well that’s something historical.

Also one of the oldest colleges, the LaFayette College, is found in Easton. Now during the winter break it’s quiet around the campus.

Easton - Pennsylvania -Travel

Easton - Pennsylvania -Travel

Easton - Pennsylvania -Travel

Easton - Pennsylvania -Travel

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