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minimal: two time zones

Recently I’m automatically think: What time is in NYC right now? Time is relative and actually just a dimension you never really think about. Except when you travel or you’re thinking about someone who lives in a different time-zone. Kind of crazy that modern technology can link different time-zones via the telephone, the internet…this thought makes every day life a little bit more exciting and makes your realize that science realizes fiction more often than one might estimate. For now I live in Europe standard time. But in December I’ll be not only a space-traveler, but also a time-traveler. (well actually everyone is a time-traveler every day, but bigger dimension like the distance from MUC to NYC make this fact definitely more striking). You see I’m still in the Interstellar-Flow.

Info : minimal, via pinterest
November 24, 2014 at 03:01PM

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