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How would you OS be like?

I’m sure many of you watched the recently published movie “her”. Joaquin Phoneix as good as I’ve never seen him before. How difficult to play with someone who you never actually play with? Only Scarlett Johanssons Voice in the background. A one man performance of a lifetime. And that’s what’s striking about the movie. It shows how the modern human being is more and more concerned with himself. And his technical devices. And that we’re projecting so many things into conversations and chats that their actual meaning and message becomes less and less important to us.

As devices get better connected with every step humanity climbes on the ladder of neuo-sience, informatics and psychology they earn more and more “Intelligence” in a very technical sense of linking information and being able to interpret their meaning.

T be honest- I love the idea of humans being able to create a virtual intelligence. And obviously I’m not alone. “Her” is already the second movie to deal with this utopic topic of AI that aired during the last year. If you’re able to dream it it will be possible to do it. Recently I watched an old ZDF documentary about the future. It’s from the 70s and shows how our lifes today were imagined 30 years ago. What seemed like absolutley futuristic by then already feels retro by now. So what will people think about movies like Her or Transcendence some years from now? Well hopefully I’ll be still alive 30 years from now.

Well the actual questions I always asked myself while watching the movie was: how would your OS look like? If you were their mentor and showed them the world, what would they learn from your point of view? A system which copies your way of anticipation and emotionional patterns. Would the systems even differ? Or where they nearly the same? How the hell would a copy of my brain processes look like? I’d die to know! /nerdy thoughts end


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