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Kreuzberg in Augsburg

There’s something magical about those football nights. And I don’t mean the noise and the excitement around all those public viewing spaces and places. In those nights you can have some amazing places just for your own. Nearly no one is wandering the streets. I think except for sometimes around five-o’clock in the morning I’ve never seen the Maxtraße this empty. Also no car is crossing your view when you’re capturing the sundown at the lovely bridge in the Bismarkviertel. Almost looks a little bit like Paris. Almost.

I’ve heard the only the cheering from afar last night. My magical spot to spend this warm and swinging summer night was the ecological and vegan restaurant “Lokalhelden” in the heart of the Bismarkviertel. Finally I found matcha-latte in Augsburg and they might have the best hummus you’ve ever eaten in your whole life. It’s flavoured with beetroot which gives it a deep-red colour and a fresh and fruity taste.Served with naan-bread it’s just the perfect dinner after a long summer-day.


A vegan restaurant at the side of a street. good matcha and food – actually I’m used to that kind of spirit only in Berlin. It slightly felt like a warm evening in Kreuzberg…:)

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