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Where The Wild Wind Blows


There’s this handsome boy, also known as Patrick Mirlach, who one can consider my male fashion-consciousness. I think I’ve never seen him out-of-style. Not even on the tennis-court. He’s the one I’m texting when I’m standing in the changing room and I’m in doubt 😉

Besides from having a perfect sense of style, he shares my love for Scandinavia and is as bad in taking Selfies as I am!

Besides from THAT, he’s a model. Of course. And a good one as well. You might have seen the “darken me” series I did with Christopher from Sandbox-Studios and him last year.

I only took some new Polaroids of him last week (as you can see above!) but there’s also some cool new stuff we made with Kathrin Pöhler. The series is calles “Aiolos”- he’s the son of the greek god of wind. The series is called like that, because we shot the pictures at the “Walhalla” and were nearly carried away by the blasts blowing trough the corridors of this old monument.

Photo © by Kathrin Pöhler, H&M by Cornelia Böhm


Photo © by Kathrin Pöhler, H&M by Cornelia Böhm
You find the whole series here.


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