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How I love to spend my summer: part 1

I know everyone always wants to spend their summer at the beach, partying, enjoying sunshine. I know, I did that too this year (except for so much partying). But to me there’s a better way to spend my summer vacation. Since 4 years I go on holiday with children who sometimes have a difficult background, family situation or who just want to spend their school holiday with other children apart from their parents. So much for the introduction. Bild

For one week we live in a beautiful house in Bavaria. Surrounded by nothing but fields, a creek, flower fields and some stray cats.



One of the best things besides hiking or playing games, doing experiments or painting and doing quizzes during the days is preparing food together and enjoying long evenings by the camp fire.


No 5-Star menu tastes better, than grilled sausages after a day of taking care of thirty children!;)

This year I will take the kids to Sweden again. Living in a tent for two weeks straight, adapting to an unfamiliar group and being away from their parents for so long is a totally new experience for the most of them. I’m already looking forward to it!



    • Nicht einfach, aber absolut erfüllend, wenn man das so sagen kann 😉 ich komm’ da glücklicher aus dem “Urlaub” als wenn ich eine Woche im Resort war (auch wenn das nicht zu verachten ist!;))


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