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Can we talk about “Festival Fashion” for a second…?

In nearly every fashion magazine you find articles about “Festival Fashion” this month…but seriously, is a festival only about fashion?

“In Style” even wants to tell us in their latest issue, that you need a “Pre-Tox”(don’t feel stupid, I never heard of something like this before either) to survive three days of music, beer and fast food.

Is a festival really about planing your outfit and buying the newest “It-rubberboots”? Personally I will get my oldest, blackest and ripped t-shirts, some old chucks and some backpack with me. Flower crowns and hippie-dresses? Have you ever tried to survive a rock-festival in a dress? With a hat? In some sandals? For you I hope you never tried! 😀 And are you really gonna do a facial with coffee every morning after waking up on a camping space surrounded by still drunk and hung-over metal heads? (as In-Style suggests? Be prepared for some laughter…;))

Maybe I just need to choose another festival to go to…a festival where style and the pictures of you “having fun” matter more than the bands, the music, the flair and having amazing days with your friends.

Dancing through the mud and the rain, enjoy your favourite music, enjoy nights full of laughter, games and talks, meeting new people, playing songs on borrowed guitars – that’s what makes a festival. It’s about listening to your music, not taking videos and blocking the view for others with your phone. Anybody with me?

The one who does it right:

Jemima Kirke, known as Jessa in one of my favourite shows “Girls”.

Or Joy from who’s rocking her ripped Metallica-Shirt.



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