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I know reading about different places and people is exciting. I love it myself and Fernweh is one of my steady companions. But why always look so far. Personally I try to concentrate on my nearby sourroundings. One of my last posts was about a trip to “Herrenchiemsee”. An amazing place and I didn’t even need to pack my Travel-Passport to get there. Especially now, in spring every place and every street looks different. The overwhelming amounth of bloolming trees and meadows sprinkeled with dandelions makes you realizing every familiar place like a spot you’ve never seen before.

“Heimat” ist a beautiful german word. It’s the place, the spot in the world, where you usually feel most comfortable and relied to.

For me it’s interesting to see where fellow Bloggers come from. Your home always tells a little bit about the person. Who she ist, how she might have grown up and with which cultural and traditional values she identifies herself with.

I found on maedchenmitherz someone who obviously had the same ideas as I. Katja shows us her home near the sea in very personal pictures. She calls this categroy on her Blog “Projekt Heimat”, a beautiful idea!

I went for a walk through my home town last week and took some pictures of the castle (I have a thing for castles as you might have already realized ;)) and the apple-trees which are sourrounding it.



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