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this is how getting home should feel like

I just arrived back in Germany and my social calendar is already full again! Some friends came over just when I entered my flat and we had some smoothies, beer, snacks and they gave me an update on everything that happened the last months. Today I spend the morning shopping with my sister before we celebrated the annual Easter-Brunch with lots of good food and cake. Feels good to be back again!

IMG_3801 IMG_3808 IMG_3781

Friday was Disney-Day so I spend the day tired from the jet-lag in my bed, watching movies (I already started with Peter Pan and “Saving Mr. Banks” on the flight back from Dubai;)) is there anything better than good old Disney-movies while it’s raining outside?



And of course I made the test which Disney Princess I’d be…I’m Mulan or Cinderella 🙂

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