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Delicious Prague


In Czech you find amazing food. Whether you love more hearty food or are more of a sweety. You’ll find tons of really good and not too expensive restaurants all over town. Don’t hesitate to leave the touristic areas and look out for a small place. The most popular czech or “böhmisch” dish is definitely roasted duck. Contrary to Bavaria in Czech you’ll get “Serviettenknödel” instead of potato dumplings. The Czech dumplings are made of white bread and suck the roasting sauce even better than the potato dumplings! Yummy! Definitely a must-try-food! And don’t forget the beer ❤

For those who are more into sweets: There’s some sort of special bun, that you’ll find all over the city around Easter. It’s made of yeast dough and get’s roasted over the heat of open fire. Tastes amazing and while you wait for your freshly baked bun you can warm your fingers by the fire.


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