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Just a few impressions of my trip to Prague during the Easter-Weekend. There will be so many more pictures but I’ll be leaving for Berlin tomorrow, therefore you only find some Instagram-pictures here until I have the time to upload my photographic view of this… Read More

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ghosts that we know


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I’m sorry for the silence around here the last days. Last week I literally recorded the story of a break-up in polaroid-pictures. Is there something more intense and at the same time romantic than seeing the person you were in love in for the last three years disappear into the snowy night?

Well, everything that stays is some clothing, a camera and Ottfried Preussler’s “Krabat”. Could be much worse.

In my creative mind I already see a photo-challenge: “All that remains”. Who’s up for that?;)

There’s actually a museum for broken relationships: . They present pieces, leftovers of former romantic relationships. Everything in their collection is send in by donators, who want to get rid of the stuff that reminds them of their ex-lovers but want to know it in good hands. Sometimes the pieces have some beautiful stories behind them 🙂





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Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

I planned on realizing some product-shooting ideas fo a very long here’s the outcome. As I don’t only want to show you this picture without any comment: Time to start a new section besides travelling and food ;D Sorry boys;)

As winter is hopefully finally over and your hair hopefully doesn’t look as exhausted as mine…I may proudly present the absolute amazing summer high-lights when it comes to hair and make-up;) Yet this La Roche-Posay hydrating make-up is way too dark for my pale winter-skin…but I’m sure that’s about to change;)

For the hair: Use the smoothing and straightening concentrate for the lengths and the Super-Skinny Serum only for the splissy ends! Paul Mitchell’s Awahpuhi series with Wild Ginger is an all time favorite of mine and its texturizing Sea Spray conjures an amazing beach-hair look and gives your hair fantastic volume if you apply it on the hair-line only. The last one works for curly hair as well btw;)

The last weeks I was too lazy doing make-up with brushes…but I did it again two days ago and people actually complimented me on my good skin (haha). Time to stop winter’s laziness and start to use the comforting texture of Zoeva’s variety of amazing brushes again!:)

Prepare for my next posts about girly make-up stuff;)

The photos are again made by Christopher. I just lended my hair!;)