1. Seem to be difficult stuff you are reading. And I am not sure what the title means – maybe I get it a little later 😉


    • Not that difficult…at the end of the day those books are all about women who try to find their place…more or less successfull;) That’s also something I tried to express with the title…As long as you’re longing for the moon/ a certain goal – it seems big and unreachable. As soon as you get it/If you’re outside and don’t desire the moon from far away anymore, it suddenly might lose it’s magic or desirability. Am I too poetic?:D


      • Ahh … sure, but in some cases I would differentiate depending on the importance of what your are reaching for. I don’t care about – call it monetary goals anymore, but I think I lost some real good relationships being a “bumpkin and a lout”.
        Take care J.


      • being a “bumpkin and a lout” (:D) isn’t something that should ruin relationships!:D it’s what makes boring stip-toe-lifes fun;)


  2. Really nice Blog and you have beautyful hairs! I write in german, but I would be really happy, if you maybe visit my Blog or leave a comment! 🙂
    Thanks, Tara 🙂


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