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gott nytt år

“Solange Du Dich bemühst, andere zu beeindrucken, bist Du von Dir selbst nicht überzeugt. Solange Du danach strebst, besser als andere zu sein, zweifelst Du an Deinem eigenem Wert. Solange Du versuchst, Dich größer zu machen, indem Du andere kleiner machst, hegst Du Zweifel an… Read More

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I know 12.12.12. posts are really all over today. but as it is an event that historicans will have to think about in some years…as a cultural phenomenon it is quite an interesting day. So what will you tell? Looking at your life as an microcosmos in your cultural invironment…what have you done at this day? Well…I think I’ll tell, that I tried at least to remeber what I did today.