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Fin del Muno

Time to think about the theme for this years “YearsEndDinner”. As last year I was soo in trend with my India-motto this year it is quite difficult to keep up with this stroke of genious…but well let’s see what I can do. As we already made a reservation in a restaurant called “Overtüre” I came up with the thought (and the song “if the world will end tomorrow” in my mind- ashes on my head)…that it would be great to have a “End of the World” Party…not in the kind of of “let’s be slutty and dance until tomorrow”- as everyone will be doing on December the 21th- but more like a “Fin the Siecle” kind of thing. Mixed with a little arty melancholia à la Frida Kahlo and the Decamerone.

You find all the images sources and other inspiration right here.

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